Most Businesses Struggle With Growth. We Guide You Through a Proven Plan That Increases Leads, Customers, and Profits

Have you ever asked yourself

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• How in the world do I get more customers?
• How can I find a marketing company who will understand my needs?
• What systems do I need in place?
• How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our goals & mission?
• How the heck can I scale my business?
• How do I position my business properly…
• How can I find time to do to work on the business and not in the business?

You’re in the RIGHT place!

Growing your business is very difficult; there is so much competition for clients and talents. You’re frustrated and unclear what to do next. I spent over a decade developing the plan to grow, scale and eventually expand my business. Today many businesses and companies in 9 countries have used it to do the same.


My goal is that business owners and marketers can do marketing more efficient and effective and to help them allocate marketing budget to results oriented strategies. That is true significance for my company. Firas A. Assaf, Founder

We believe having the right system in place is the difference between your business growing verses struggling, and that is why we are going to show you our proven system to scale and grow profits.

The Resources You Need for Attracting New Customers and increasing your sales

Would you like to get access to a special list of resources that has taken us over 10 years to build that will show you how to build your marketing message, communicate your message, increase your reach and accomplish your business goals. Click Here

Our Story

Our Company was founded in 2012 when our managing director Firas Abo Assaf left his old digital marketing agency and joint venture with two of his friends to build Web Marketing Lions. In helping many companies and businesses in the Middle East thriving in the digital age, Firas realized that there were no real solutions for new and growing Businesses.

Although it wasn’t part of the original plan, he left his own agency and launched a new one with his friends that quickly grew into an international business, serving many of companies and organizations around the world.

Today, that agency and its foundation provides companies with websites, website maintenance, landing pages, online sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engines optimization, mobile apps, mobile marketing , online advertising and email marketing.

At Web Marketing Lions we work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the digital marketing world. We know how hard it is to build and grow your business. Our passion is to help you build, advance, and market your perfect message to your target audience.

In short, our mission is to provide a service that helps business and companies of all types to build their brand online, communicate their marketing message, reach their target audience, and increase their profits.

Core Values


Integrity plays an important role, especially in the digital marketing world. Our goal is to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but also to set a standard of integrity that will serve as an example to others within our industry.


We strive to provide services that will significantly impact clients of all sizes as well as society in general. Our goal is to solve real problems with real solutions that really work and to provide great results.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We are consultants to our clients, honoring them for their knowledge and success, while providing them with the plans and technological tools necessary to enhance themselves and their businesses.


Our commitment to the success of our mission is absolute. Our commitment to our clients is just as firm, placing their satisfaction at the forefront of our operations and enhancing their experience with us as much as possible.

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