What always surprised me is that many companies in Lebanon build a business website and never update it for months and some for years; even worth they pay an arm and leg for a digital marketing agency and receive only good design but not a marketing channel!

I will not discuss elements of successful and high converting websites in this quick post; it will be another story for another day.

But I will share with you 10 short and effective website tips that every company in Lebanon can apply today on its website.

First, you must know that your company website is not a brochure! It is your company online presence. It must be your online sales machine that generates leads and sales 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If your current company website is not generating leads and results, then this a red alert signal that there is something wrong! In fact, a dangerous signal since it is a red alert.

A red alert because your competitors’ websites will capture and steal your target customers.

What also makes me surprised is when someone tells me in a strategy meeting session that he needs a website to put it on the business card!


angry cat image used to express feeling when meeting some company owners in lebanon

You are willing to invest in a website for the sake of putting it on your business card only!

I know you don’t have this mindset.

But let us face it, after all, you are not a digital marketing expert, you are an expert in your business and it is your digital agency responsibility or digital marketing consultant responsibility to guide you.

That’s why I have prepared for you 10 to the point and effective website tips which I hope they will be helpful.

Ok let us start,

If you prefer videos I’ve created a quick video for you here:

10 Effective Websites Tips for Local Companies in Lebanon Video:

Tip #1: Create A Compelling Layout Design

Your company website is your brand first impression in the online world, and the first thing your website visitors take notice of is the design and the layout.

A professional layout must reflect your company brand image and combine an effective use of colors, fonts, bullets, spacing, and typography to keep visitors around.

Keep in mind, It is not only important to wow visitors with fancy design, you must also give them the information they are looking for! After all, that is why they visited your company website at first place.

Tip # 2: Have Great Content

I am sure you have heard the fact that Content is king in the digital marketing world.

Without useful and proper optimized content every online marketing strategy will fail. That’s being said; make sure that your company website has a sufficient amount of useful content.

When I say content I don’t mean any content! But unique, useful and topic related content that your target audience WANTS to read, as opposed to being all about your company and business.

Remember it is all about them, not you, they are the lifeblood of your business, and they are your customers.

We all have the temptation of showing off, but when it comes to business and results use showoff content that only add value to the sales process and that build credibility.

Tip # 3: Keep Your Content Concise, Easy to Read and to the Point

Let us face it your website visitors are usually in hurry and needs information quickly, they are not looking to read a book in order to find what they are looking for.

Help your website visitors get what they are looking for quickly, cut out unnecessary and un-useful information and get directly to the point:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use whitespaces
  • Use bullet points and lists
  • Use headlines to help quick scans
  • Use Images and visual content

Tip # 4: Use Keyword-Rich Headings

Headlines are great for quick scans as mentioned above and also are great for Search Engine Optimization ranking.
Using targeted keywords in your content headings is great for helping your website ranks better in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Do not spam your content and headings with keywords, only use them in a proper and useful way to break up longer pieces of content and to send your website visitors directly to the information they are looking for.

Tip # 5: Add Visual Content

Add photos to your website image

Don’t bore your website visitors with blocks of text only; instead add some life to your website by using images, infographics, videos and visual content.

An image worth a thousand words and can convey your marketing message in a quicker and more professional way, videos are even more powerful.

Visual content is extremely powerful and can help your current textual content grab more attention and convert more visitors into customers.

Tip # 6: Make Web Navigation Effortless and Easy

Do not confuse your website visitors with useless popups, flashes and complex navigation menus.

Do you know the KISS principle? Keep It Simple and Sincere

If your website visitors get lost and confused they will leave your website and visit your competitor and I bet you don’t wish this scenario 🙂

For this reason always keep your navigation smooth, simple, and easy to follow in order to boost website conversion.

Tip # 7: Capture Leads and Build Your Database

It is unfair to write little paragraphs about this powerful topic, but as I’ve mentioned before, this post will be a quick one and I will write in the future specific posts on lead generation.

Ok, remember when I told you your company website should your sales machine!

Yup, you can achieve this by building sales funnels and capturing leads.

A lead in an online world is a web visitor that shows interest in your products or services.

But once this visitor leaves your website, there is a big chance that he will never return back again. Because maybe he is not ready to buy now!

Therefore, you should have a way to establish a connection and build a relationship with your web visitors.

The simplest way to do this is to have an email capturing form and social media “join us” calls to actions on your website.

Tip # 8: Make Sure Everything Works and Functions Well

Nothing can turn your website visitors off more than annoying music, broken flashes, broken links, slow load time speed, or web forms that don’t function well.

Do you know that search engines like Google don’t read flash websites and thus do not rank them well; also Apple Ios systems like iPhone do not open flash!

Talking about flashes, I know some big digital marketing companies in Lebanon that only create fully flash based websites and charge tens of thousands of dollars.

Do not use flash, I repeat do not use flash unless you are a well-known brand.

Instead of flash, use CSS animation.

Ok back on the track; always make sure you check your website to make sure that all aspects of your website function properly to avoid losing visitors.

Website working checklist image


Tip # 9: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Most companies in Lebanon and the Middle East area have traditional HTML websites that are not built for viewing on mobile devices.

We are living in a mobile revolution age and there is a famous say in our digital marketing world:
Go mobile or die! Why!

Millions of people use their smartphones each and every day to surf the web and search for products and services. That is why!

Your company must have a mobile-friendly website to avoid losing potential customers.

Tip # 10: Don’t Forget Calls to Action

Every page of your website should have a call to action that clearly tells your website visitors what you want them to do.

Calls to action are very important web elements that will help conversion and boost sales.

Be sure to add short, clear, and to-the-point calls to action on your website pages. Want them to call you, visit your company, book a consultation or email you? Boost your website conversions by telling them to do it.



Last but not least, I hope you find my quick website tips effective and that you put them into action to see tremendous results. and if you are wondering how to create a media-rich post!

hmm! just take a look at the one you are reading right now, or contact us for a free strategy session to help you boost your digital marketing results.

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