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Content Strategy

Content Strategy is the process of creating, optimizing and publishing your content based on your business’s goals and your target audience needs.

Content is the king and the main reason why people are visiting your website. A content creation and marketing strategy weaves all elements of your marketing and your business goals together to create a great user experience and increase brand awareness and sales.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is the process of writing, optimizing, and publishing valuable content online with the ultimate goal of acquiring new leads and customers.

The main focus of the process is based on targeting a clearly-defined audience that has clearly expressed some type of interest in your business products/services and on targeting customer avatars based on market research and your current customers’ list.

By publishing your own valuable, targeted and engaging content online, you sell your products and services without actually being “selling.” You will be using powerful soft-selling techniques and build credibility online. You will deliver great and useful information to your target audience that naturally progresses into them becoming a paying customer.

Have you ever asked yourself some of the below questions:

  • I know I need valuable content but what kind of content should I produce?
  • What is the best time to publish my content?
  • Where should I publish my content? And how?
  • I have redesigned my website and now my content is a mess. What should I do?
  • I don’t like my current content and I want better content. Where do I start?
  • My business content is outdated some of it is good, but there’s just so much. How do I know what to get rid of?
  • I’ve heard blogs are good for SEO. Should my business start a blog?
  • Can I measure the ROI on my business content strategy?

Benefits of Content Strategy

The best Content Creation and Marketing Strategy takes a consistent customer-centric approach. It taps into the online conversation to learn and understand what matters most to your online audience (existing and potential customers). Based on your research and learning process you will then create, optimize and publish engaging valuable content focused on the interests, needs, wants, pains, concerns, and questions of your target audience.

As a result, you can expect to:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Build credibility and authority by educating your target market
  • Generate hot, targeted leads on auto-pilot process
  • Segment your web visitors based on their stage in the buying process
  • Build a database of highly engaged visitors and follow up
  • Drive your target market to the logical conclusion of doing business with your business

When content strategy is recognized and effectively used, it’s like all of your online communications channels. It is one of the most important segments of an overall integrated online marketing mix designed to clearly identify, target, engage and convert new customers to your business.

Content strategy helps guide brand awareness and consistency, timely decisions and can efficiently collect performance data across all channels. Do your PPC and SEO campaigns share a content strategy? We are sure there’s valuable data that can (and should) be shared across both. If you don’t know where to start or worried about missing out on huge opportunities like this, we can help.

How we help

For best results, content creation and marketing strategy should be created before you actually create and publish any content on your website. But we understand it’s not the case for most businesses.

Many companies have discovered the consequences of ignoring content in a redesign until it’s too late. The longer you will wait, the messier it will become. But there’s always a solution. We are eager to help you clean up your existing website and begin to produce the type of content that’s true to who your business is and exactly what your audience needs. Common content strategy projects at Web Marketing Lions include:

  • Content Strategy Discovery Process
  • Content Strategy Road-Maps and Development
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Keywords and Blog Topic Research
  • Content Calendar Creation
  • Posts Creation / Pages Creation / Creative Copywriting

When combined with SEO, PPC, Facebook Advertising, Social Media and other valuable online marketing channels, Content Strategy can give your business genuine connections that build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and grow business.
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If you are looking for a Content Creation and Marketing Company in Lebanon or The Middle East and North Africa to help your business in Arabic Content Strategy beside English, we have a staff of Arabic Content Experts to help your business.

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