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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the process of buying media inventory from Facebook social platform to get your marketing message in front of potential buyers at the optimal time during their buying process.

We are pretty sure that you understand the power of Facebook advertising and how profitable it can be, and that’s why you are here right! Facebook advertising if done right can be very lucrative, each dollar spend on optimized campaigns can yield to minimum two dollars returns. That is a minimum 200% return on investment from each campaign you run! Imagine the effect of this powerful marketing channel on your business growth!

But Facebook advertising is not a simple process; it is a complex process of researching, testing, optimizing, and scaling. It is far beyond than clicking the boost post button.

Paid Social advertising, in general, is a type of interruption marketing because you will be interrupting potential customers while they are on social media platforms. You must have a strong copywriting and advertising skills to grab their attention and turn them into loyal customers.

Why do businesses need Facebook Adverting in their marketing mix?

If you have a Facebook business page and post regularly you’ve noticed that organic reach of your content is decreasing. Organic social posting is no longer enough. Facebook has a special algorithm called edgerank which constantly restricting brand organic reach in favor of a pay-to-play approach.

On the other hand, time spent on social media especially, Facebook is increasing yearly. Reports indicate that in the US alone, social media app usage makes up 30-50% of mobile device activities. Facebook Paid Social advertising gets your ads into the apps that your target audience spends most of their time using every day.

Facebook Advertising is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. By leveraging segmentation strategies from Email, remarketing strategies from PPC or Display you can build powerful targeting campaigns and increase brand awareness.

Facebook Advertising is the natural evolution of any growth focused marketing plan, which opens up an entirely new world of possibilities to grow and expand your brand’s reach and awareness to potential customers.

Our Successful Facebook Advertising Strategies

Setting clear expectations and KPIs (Key Performance Metrics) for Facebook Advertising is the cornerstone to building the foundation that will then guide your advertising campaigns.

We collaborate together and take the required time to plan your campaigns before launching them. Facebook Advertising requires a ramp-up period to evaluate and assess the best audiences, create the best ads creative, choosing the right ads types and the right budget to achieve your business goals.

Successful campaigns always require testing. This includes exploring the right audiences, platforms, placements, ad units, ad creative, budgets and landing pages. We will test and track everything that can influence your audience behavior and decision to interact with your brand on Facebook or Instagram and then on your website and landing pages.

Facebook adverting campaigns should complement your existing marketing strategy and your brand persona, successful advertising campaigns thoughtfully infuse the tone of your brand into your paid Facebook ads. We are strong believers that marketing strategy should have a clear purpose and goals aligned with your brand’s mission.

Facebook Advertising Services We Provide

Facebook Advertising Strategy & Planning. Our team of experts will work with yours to determine the optimal approach, personas, messaging, and creative assets for your business and Facebook campaign goals.

Campaigns Setup-Up & Flighting. From start to finish we’ll help set up the audiences, campaigns, and creatives for your ads, whether you have a pre-existing Facebook adverting campaigns or you are starting from scratch.

Segmenting, Remarketing & Lookalikes. We work with you to ensure your marketing message gets in front of the right customers at the right time to best achieve your goals.

Creative & Landing Page A/B Split Testing. Segmenting your audiences and running variations of your ads will help your business customize marketing messages and creatives per each target group. We will measure the effectiveness of your ads and landing pages and choose the best converting creatives and landing pages as the foundation for scaling new campaigns.

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If you are looking for Facebook Advertising Company in Lebanon or the Middle East and North Africa to help your business in Arabic Facebook Campaigns beside English, we have specialized Arabic Facebook Advertising staff to help your business running profitable Arabic advertising campaigns.

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