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Analytics is the process of understanding the behaviors and actions of your website visitors and why they are taking these actions.

We are sure you understand the power of data especially in marketing and that is why you are here! Without data and analytics, you will run what we called flying in the dark online business and you will not know what is going in your online world.

Have you ever asked yourself some of the below questions:

  • How can I get analytical data?
  • What do I do with my analytical data?
  • Is my data even right?
  • How can I make my data more efficient and useful?
  • What am I missing?
  • How can this data help me drive higher conversions or revenue?

At Web Marketing Lions we believe in the power of data and everything we do is based on data and the stories hidden within the numbers. We can help your business whether you are new to Web Analytics or struggling to make sense of your current data.

Issues we can help solve:

  • The quality and integrity of your data
  • Finding useful meaning in your data
  • Communicating results to decision makers, and promoting testing and learning
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Evaluating your marketing mix against business goals
  • Creating a holistic data view
  • Identifying performance baselines KPIs
  • Analytics/tag management platform management

Why should you implement an analytics strategy?

Having an analytics strategy in place will help you turn data and numbers into real, actionable decisions match with your business goals and KPIs.

Digital marketing teams that ignore or don’t properly manage their analytical data miss out on huge opportunities and may lose the trust of owners, investors, and partners in the business.

Our Analytics Services Process:

We always aim to keep things simple and effective that is why our process starts with getting a clear plan of actions for cleaner web data, more efficient reporting, and better insight about how your digital assets are performing.

After knowing all the ins and outs of your business data, we’ll provide you with a custom Analytics assessment to provide you with a clear feedback and specific plans of action, with specific focuses available, including:

  • Setting up specific objectives and KPIs and creating a clear measurement plan
  • Performing web data Audits and Gap Analysis of existing tracking and data
  • Specific tracking implementation guides including tags and variables
  • Setting up and automation of key reports/dashboards
  • Performing deep dive data analyses including site visitors behaviors, attribution, and persona development

Do you think that your web analytical data can help your business grow faster in the short and long-term? Get in touch here!

If you are looking for a Web Analytics Company in Lebanon or The Middle East and North Africa to help your business in Arabic analytics Strategy beside English, we have specialized Arabic web analytics Experts to help your business grow faster.

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