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Web Development

Web development is the process of designing and developing a compelling and professional website for your business.

Web Marketing Lions specializes in creating professional websites that help your business achieve planned goals.

Before diving into the details let me ask you first one simple question?

What is the goal of developing a gorgeously designed website if it’s not user-friendly and does not intelligently convey your marketing message?

Let me rephrase my question in a different way: When internet searchers visit your site, are they met with a great first impression, easy-to-use layout and pleasant experience? Or are they met with a lot of distraction, disappointment, and confusion?

If it’s the latter, you are losing these valuable leads to your competitors’ websites.

You can’t ignore that most people today are using the web to search for services, products and businesses they want, your website is the first point of contact they will have with your business.

But if it’s not professionally planned and developed to bring results, it is useless.

Even more importantly, must searchers use their smartphones and tablets to browse websites and find services and products, if your website is not compatible and responsive to mobile devices, your business will lose a huge portion of the potential market share.

In fact, many people will choose whether or not to do business with your company solely based on your website’s design, usability and its ability to grab and hold their attention.

Your job is to do everything in your power to make a solid first impression and to increase the chances of converting them to loyal customers.

How We Help

At Web Marketing Lions we believe in designing professional websites around the unique goals of our clients. That’s why our process starts with a pre-production phase that involves a full assessment of your business’s needs and goals. This allows our team to accurately collect all the required assets and to create the right content before jumping into the design phase.

We approach all of our web design and development projects with this philosophy and with a systemized process that we’ve honed through many years of experience.

During every step of our development process, we always encourage feedback and discussion with clients to ensure they are satisfied every step of the process.

While custom new websites developments are our jam, we also offer websites redesign for clients having current websites and an express web development option for clients looking for a more streamlined experience and having lower budgets.

Custom Web Development

Our custom web development service is perfect for businesses and organizations that need a professional website with endless customization.

After many years in the web design and development industry, our team of experts has learned a lot about the most efficient ways and processes to create large-scale custom websites. If your business requires a comprehensive and individualized attention to meet and exceed its digital goals custom web development is your choice.

Here are all the steps of the process we take to create a stunning and professional custom website from scratch:

Our Custom Web Development Process

Phase 1: Discovery & Asset Collection

The first phase in our process is the pre-production phase. Our mission during this phase is to learn more about your organization and discover what makes you passionate about what you do. We work together as one team to identify and clarify your business objectives and goals, collect all the required assets and set a project timeline.

Phase 2: Content Strategy

Content strategy phase or content mapping is the phase where we work together on creating a sitemap, a special file that contains all the pages of your project, the visual hierarchy of the web pages, and the layouts and templates that will be applied to those pages. We will also identify what content are required, who will provide them and when.

Phase 3: The Blueprint

The blueprint phase is the set of wireframes we create for your custom website project after all the content is completed. It is an essential pre-design step to layout the placement of the content, the overall functionality and the desired behavior of each web template. Templates are layouts that will be applied to your website based on the objectives and goals of each page.

Phase 4: Design

We’ve mentioned before in our content strategy service that so many companies and organizations have recognized the perils of ignoring content in a redesign until it’s too late. It is not their fault because many digital agencies rush straight into the design phase, which will cause user experience to suffer.

However, thanks to our pre-production phases, we will design each page of your website with your specific goals in mind. Our expert designers will work with you to turn your vision into reality. We will work together and rely on your feedback and discussions to further refine your website’s look and feel.

Phase 5: Development

The development phase is the building phase. After we have the content, wireframes and design all in place, our team of skilled developers will start their work. During the development phase, we will build your website based on the highest standards and best practices. Your website project will be accurate, compliant with web standards and accessible on multiple devices and browsers.

Phase 6: Launch

After all the testing processes and the revisions, your website will be ready to launch. Once your website is officially live, we will provide you with all the required tools and resources to manage and update your website on your own. Our experts will guide you through the ins and outs of WordPress in one of our regular training sessions.

Phase 7: Promotion

Your website is now live but as you know a website without traffic is like a billboard in the desert 🙂 . But don’t worry we are here to cover your back and help you apply an effective digital marketing plan. From search engine optimization to online advertising, our digital marketing team will get you the most out of your investment.

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Express Web Development

Our express web development service will provide you with express websites that are attractive, adaptable, and easy to maintain — it is a streamlined, cost-effective option for businesses and organizations on a budget. We keep our costs low by partnering with many professional theme vendors.

Express web development process is the same as custom development process except we don’t do the blueprint and design phases and focus our efforts on customizing professional themes to meet your business goals and objectives.

It is a cost-effective professional web development option you can choose if you don’t need custom web development.

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Website Redesign

If you already have a website with a lot of content and getting some traffic but not satisfied with the quality of both content and traffic, then website redesign option is for yours.

Redesigning a current website process has a lot of ins and outs, it is a complex process especially when you don’t want to lose current traffic and mess with SEO.

If your need is website redesign then your need check our website redesign service here to learn more.

Looking for a Web Design and Development Company in Lebanon or the Middle East and North Africa to help your business in Arabic Web Development beside English, we have a specialized Arabic web design and development team to build a professional and profitable website for your business.

Don’t wait till your website goes live! Check out our full digital marketing services here to create your marketing plan while building your website.

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